Monday, December 20, 2004

Conserving what?

A new column by FindLaw's John Dean (yes, that John Dean) highlights a new study of American conservatism. Dean writes:
In their recent book The Right Nation: Conservative Power In America, John Micklethwait (the U.S. editor of the right-of-center Economist) and Adrian Wooldridge (the Washington correspondent for the Economist) seek to explain conservatism to Europeans (if not Americans). But they conclude that "[c]onservativism has become one of those words that are now as imprecise as they are emotionally charged" -- especially since conservatives insist "their deeply pragmatic creed cannot be ideologically pigeonholed."

We recently posed a similarly-themed question:
As quality of life rankings continue to put Alabama at the end of the line, what exactly are our politicians and other public policy advocates who claim the mantle of “proud Alabama conservative,” actually conserving?