Friday, April 22, 2005

Just too much

Today's e-mail brings another hand-wringing comment on judicial filibusters from a member of the religious right. The most recent is from Gary Cass, the executive director of the Center for Reclaiming America. He writes:
It is time for the Senate to return to majority rule. It is time to place judges on the federal bench who know it is their job to support the timeless truths of the original intent of our Constitution.

Back in the Clinton administration, one senator could block a nominee to the bench by a method called "blue-slipping." Scores of Clinton nominees were blue-slipped by Republicans. These folks never even got a hearing, much less the chance to have their floor votes filibustered.
"Majority rule"? How did that work back in the 1990s when one senator out of 100 could stop a nominee dead in his or her tracks?