Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thursday's Star, afternoon update

The afternoon update following The Star's newsroom planning meeting.

Brian Lyman reports that state Senate candidate for District 13 Gerald Dial has spent $445,000 in the last three weeks. He has more in tomorrow's story.

Want to be county coroner in Alabama? Until recently, all it took was to have managed to live to see one's 18th birthday. Andy Johns has the story of how that will soon change.

Sherry Kughn writes an ode to the bookmobile.
I was a shy child during the 1950s. I did not want to perform with my red accordion at the school’s talent show, but Mother made me. I tried out only once for cheerleader because of fear. I was never chosen for a singing part in the school’s musical, like some of my friends. There was one area, though, where I shined — in the world of books and words, which once led to an unforgettable day when the bookmobile visited.

The Star's editorial page continues its recommendations ahead of Tuesday's primary vote. Tomorrow it's the race for governor.