Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wednesday in The Star

Check out Wednesday's Anniston Star for these stories:

High gas prices are hurting school systems - many are overbudget on fuel as the price of diesel to run school buses is climing just as fast as regular gas. And with the uncertainties over next year's budget, no one knows how much money there will be to buy fuel next year, let along how much it will cost.

Dan Whisenhunt checks in with our local delegation as the Legistlature's special session gets underway.

The Anniston City Council meets. Hearing public comments about plans to pull back coverage from police jurisdictions is on the agenda. Megan Nichols will cover this and will also see if there's more discussion of City Manager George Monk's contract.

Citizens for Better Schools holds a meeting in Anniston tonight. Nick Cenegy will be there and will let you know what was discussed.

Markeshia Ricks has a run-down of the Republican candidates for the Court of Criminal Appeals.

Oxford and Jacksonville city councils meet and the Anniston Board of Education meets as well.