Friday, November 07, 2008

This weekend in The Anniston Star

You can find these stories over the weekend in The Star:

On Saturday:

Retired Lt. Col. Karl Harrison was the featured speaker at a veteran's day assembly at Pleasant Valley High. Dan Whisenhunt attended and will bring you this story.

Anniston on Thursday received the final bill from a law firm handling its now-defunct McClellan suit, but the city may have to hire another lawyer to completely dismiss it. Megan Nichols has this story.

Mike Faulk has a story about Robert Gibbs, the man likely to be President-elect Barack Obama's press secretary. Guess what? Gibbs has Alabama roots, and even some Calhoun County connections.

On Sunday:

We will have a special section on the historic election of Barack Obama as president, including reactions from local residents.

Nick Cenegy takes a look at the battle of Tallasehatchee, a critical encounter in the Creek War/War of 1812 which took place in Calhoun County. Very little has been done to mark the site or commemorate the events that took place there.

The Randolph County Commission has a Republican majority for the first time in its 176 year history. Mike Faulk has this story.