Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ink-stained and ham-fisted

During last night's State of the Union address a few members of Congress dipped their fingers in ink to express solidarity with Sunday's voters in Iraq.
Bob Dart of Cox News reports:
The salute to the voters in Sunday's Iraqi election was organized by Rep. Bobby Jindal, president of the freshman class of lawmakers.
"We all watched with joy as Iraqis dipped their fingers in ink and held them high, proudly proclaiming to the world that they had voted," recalled Jindal in a "Dear Colleagues" letter coordinating the congressional action. He provided the purple ink for both Republicans and Democrats.
"This symbolic gesture will tell Iraqis, and the world, that we believe in their cause and will stand beside them and all peoples who embrace freedom," said Jindal, the president of the House freshman class. "It's been said that partisanship stops at the water's edge. Let us again show that to be true by joining together in this symbolic gesture."

As symbolic gestures go, this is one idea that should have been forgotten. Let's not cheapen the real bravery of Iraqis who voted Sunday under dangerous circumstances.