Thursday, February 03, 2005

It's history, dude

Linda Campbell, a former colleague and a good friend, references the item that recently got us going the other day. A recent survey finds a poor understanding among high school students of the First Amendment.
Campbell writes:
It's worth noting that the study found 70 percent of the students agreeing that musicians should be allowed to sing songs with lyrics that others might consider offensive.
In other words, they understand that the First Amendment protects their right to hear Green Day and 50 Cent as well as Ashlee Simpson and Hilary Duff (subject, of course, to parental approval).
Do they realize that the First Amendment is about holding a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting in the gym as well as being able to watch South Park?
It's about researching STDs online and reading Judy Blume and attending concerts without government interference.
The First Amendment covers dress codes, city curfews and graduation speakers. It's about how violent video games can be and what words exchanged in a hallway constitute bullying.

The entire column is here.