Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Coming Wednesday on the editorial/op-ed pages

The Star's editorial board is taking a good, hard look at the tiff between Attorney General Troy King and the state's district attorneys:
In the first place, the whole thing smells of political retribution. Though Shelby County DA Robby Owens and King both are Republicans, Owens supported King’s opponent in the last election largely on the grounds that the opponent was more experienced and better qualified. To publicly remove the Shelby County district attorney when the case was in appeal, and therefore in the hands of the attorney general anyway, appears to be little more than another of King’s clumsy attempts to use his office for political ends.
The Star also is reviewing the controversy that brewed last week with the MoveOn.org advertisement in the New York Times:
The group pulled a stunt that gives the anti-war movement and liberalism a bad name. With all the quality of a PETA commercial putting the value of a bunny’s life over that of a human’s, MoveOn took out a full-page advertisement in The New York Times titled “General Petraeus or General Betray Us?”
What a stupid thing to do.
And on the op-ed page, columnist Hardy Jackson is using the history of a fight on the Senate floor in Washington to put perspective on Goat Hill's dust-up earlier this year:
On the other hand, some of you probably think that if the Preston Brooks Society would get off this “mourning and self-examination” kick it could probably organize a chapter in the Alabama Senate with Sen. Charles “One-Punch” Bishop as its president. Think of the knot Bishop would have raised on Sen. Lowell Barron’s head if brass-tipped-and-knobbed Gutta-percha canes were the fashion today.