Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thursday in The Star

Check out these stories in The Anniston Star:

The Anniston City Council brought up the idea of ceasing patrols in the police jurisdiction, the three-mile zone beyond the city limits. Nick Cenegy takes a look at this idea - how much work would this relieve the Anniston Police Department of and how would this affect the sheriff's office?

Anniston has "naming of a superintendent" as an action item on its agenda for tomorrow night. Dan Whisenhunt will have this story.

Gas prices are at an all-time high. How will this affect crowds at the race in Talladega, which normally draws legions of RV-driving long distance fans? Megan Nichols will look at this.

Matt Kasper looks at the impact of thistle. One Ohatchee resident is complaining about thistles growing along rights-of-way that is spreading into his pasture land. Is this a widespread problem of an invasive species threatening local farms. Is it an annoyance that the county road department needs to deal with?