Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wednesday in The Star

Check out these stories in Wednesday's Anniston Star:

Makeshia Ricks has a story about bills making their way through the state House and Senate which would provide incentives to bring the movie industry to Alabama. But, the Alabama Education Association wants to attached an adult entertainment tax to one of the bills, and it could threaten the success of the incentives legislation.

Todd South will cover the Oxford City Council's meeting. They are expected to vote on a resolution designating downtown as a historic district.

Alexandria and Saks students built a moonbuggy for a NASA competition. Andy Johns will tell you all about their creations. Alexandria won an award for most innovative buggy.

If you went looking for the story about jail food and how Alabama sheriffs can keep any unspent money in Tuesday's newspaper you wouldn't have found it. That's because editors decided to hold the story for Wednesday's paper. It happens sometimes if a story isn't time sensitive that it gets held over a day or so, mostly because of space constraints. Megan Nichols story on this issue runs Wednesday. The state provides $1.75 per day, per prisoner for food. If they can feed inmates in their jails for less than that, Alabama sheriffs are allowed by law to keep any overages for their personal use. However, because Calhoun County is one of a few Alabama counties in which the County Commission controls prisoner food, the law does not apply here.