Friday, June 13, 2008

Reporter Todd South rides into the sunset

Instead of a cake, a card and the usual going-away trappings, Anniston Star reporter Todd South had another idea. He asked the newsroom if we could help him fulfill his dream of getting together for a game of flag football before he left for his new job in Chattanooga. So we found ourselves sweating and tossing the old pigskin Thursday evening at the football field at McClellan.

We learned many things. 1. A 43-year-old (me) has no business wrestling around with these 20-something reporters. Ouch! I'm sore. 2. As is his natural ability, Todd has the knack for getting people together. 3. Todd thinks differently; who else wants a football game for a going-away party?

What we already knew: Todd is a top-notch person, a fine reporter with a bright future and a heck of an athlete. I will miss him. This newspaper will miss him. I wish him well and encourage him to keep in touch.