Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thursday in The Star

Check out Thursday's Star for these stories:

The tomato salmonella scare is affecting local restaurants and grocers, some of whom are not getting shipments of tomatoes from their suppliers. Others who rely on locally or regionally grown produce say their shelves still are full. Hannah Dame has this story.

Alex Scarborough-Anderson has a profile of the Opportunity Center program that refurbishes donated, used medical equipment.

Rep. Mike Rogers has inserted language into the defense authorization bill, still to be passed by the Senate, that would require military working dogs to be bred in the U.S. Are there potential contracts in this for Auburn's Canine Detection Training Center at McClellan?

The Disabled American Veterans Chapter of Piedmont is trying to raise money to fix/replace a defaced memorial to fallen soldiers at the veterans' park. Andy Johns has this story.