Monday, June 19, 2006

Coming in Tuesday's Star

Apparently, there's a sludge problem in Calhoun County.

Two Star reporters, Crystal Jarvis, who covers Jacksonville, and intern Josh Keller, who is covering Weaver this summer, have discovered that those towns have a growing problem with, um, sludge -- how to deal with it, how to dispose of it, and how to address the problem of having more sludge now than in years past. It's a strange problem, for sure. But for the administrations of those towns, it's a problem they have to address.

Reporter Todd South is planning to inform readers on Tuesday about the education department at Jacksonville State University, which now is requiring its undergraduate majors to take 9 to 12 hours of foreign language classes in either Spanish or French. The change took effect June 1.

Reporter Steve Ivey, who covers Oxford, will provide a report on tonight's Board of Education meeting, where he expects the city to turn over the now-vacant C.E. Hanna building to Hobson City.

Reporter Matt Kasper, who covers education, also plans an update on the sale of the Woodstock property at Anniston High School.

And in the sports department, editor Scott Adamson expects coverage of Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup finals and follow-up coverage of the U.S. Open golf tournament.