Friday, June 30, 2006

What's coming in Saturday's paper

Andy Johns reports on the the plans of "thousands of Alabamians" who will "flock to lakes and rivers over Independence Day weekend." For those planning to cut corners on safety, Marine Police Officer Kimberly Moeller has a warning:
"Every Marine Police officer in the state will be working."

Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge biologist Bill Garland talks about his job:
"Most people view my job as sort of a vacation away from a real job. The most commonly held perception is that I spend all day riding around in the mountains. The only thing missing from this picture is Lassie sitting next to me in the front seat.
The reality is far less exciting and glamorous. Most of my day is spent staring into a computer screen and writing bureaucratic reports.
The occasional trip deep into the forest or along a remote mountain ridge, however, is a reward that I treasure. Few people have the opportunity to even approach their dreams, so I feel grateful for even a fleeting opportunity to become lost in this less touched corner of the world."

Star Capitol Correspondent Brian Lyman follows up on Thursday's convicton of Don Siegelman’s conviction on bribery and conspiracy charges.