Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Coming in Thursday's Star

Here are a few of the stories reporters and editors of The Star are working on for Thursday's edition:

Reporter Steve Ivey -- an accomplished golfer, apparently -- is examining the effect the Sunny King Charity Classic has on the business community in Calhoun County. The tournament's field is laden with doctors, lawyers, bankers, and businessmen of all sorts. And that means a significant amount of Calhoun County's business community shuts its doors or limits its workload this week. All in the name of golf. And charity, too.

Reporter Andy Johns, who covers the police beat for The Star, is taking a look at the coroner's race between Patrick Brown and Marvin Southard.

Reporter Crystal Jarvis, who covers Jacksonville and Piedmont, is working on a story about the concerns Jacksonville's police and fire chiefs have over the building of another apartment complex in that city.

And reporter Bryan Lyman, The Star's Capitol Correspondent in Montgomery, is going to write on Alabama's economy. Alabama Gov. Bob Riley touts the state's improving economic status as part of his re-election campaign. But how good really is Alabama's economy?

Catch all that, plus the Features department's Escapes section, in Thursday's Star.