Monday, July 03, 2006

Coming in Tuesday's Star

Here are a few of the stories the staff of The Anniston Star is working on for Tuesday's edition:

- For the Fourth of July holiday, intern Todd South will tell the story of a Chinese immigrant who now lives in Anniston and recently became a U.S. citizen. Mei Ling Li manages restaurants in Calhoun County.

- Reporter Andy Johns, who covers the police beat for The Star, takes a look at the race between Marvin Southard and Pat Brown for the Calhoun County Coroner's office.

In sports, editor Scott Adamson has returned from vacation and will resume his daily columns. Plus, the Atlanta Braves play host to the St. Louis Cardinals tonight, and The Star's sports department will provide a full report Tuesday.

And a word of note: Make sure to check out The Star's Food section on Wednesday. Features Editor Shawn Ryan reports that this week's section will be a true southern delight with information on all types of popular Southern fare. Included will be a report by Star intern Josh Keller, a Californian who last week enjoyed his first Southern breakfast of grits, gravy and biscuits.