Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Coming Wednesday

Around 9,000 students attend Jacksonville State University. Ask any of them what the school's best feature is and a large number are likely to say it's the beautiful campus. Many of those students, however, only see it through their windshield. Staff writer Amanda DeWald examines why almost everyone drives where they're going at JSU, even though the campus is little more than a mile across, and the parking problem that creates.

Brenda Crider of Barfield readily admits her addiction - antiques. They fill her home, which itself is an aging gem, reportedly built in 1857. Retired Star editor Basil Penney profiles Crider and her massive collection, and tries to ffathom the depths of her attraction to collecible artifacts.

We'll also have accounts from meetings of the Anniston and Oxford city councils, and a mess of crime news, including the story of a robber or robbers who made off with 120 pairs of shoes from an Anniston clothing store.