Friday, January 04, 2008

Coming this weekend in The Star

Check out The Anniston Star this weekend for these stories:

On Saturday:
Dan Whisenhunt has a story about the Anniston train station. The long-awaited renovations to the Fourth Street station are complete. Now what?

Markeshia Ricks looks at the presidential election landscape now that the Iowa caucus is over and our own vote is a month away. What resources are the candidates devoting to Alabama, given that so many other states are having their primary the same day? Has moving the primary up to Feb. 5 had the desired effect?

The pipes at The Animal Shelter in Anniston burst in the cold weather this week. The damage is being repaired but in the meantime they're having to find other ways to water the animals. The shelter is looking for donations of dog food, bottled water and cleaning supplies.

On Sunday:
Markeshia takes a look at capital punishment in Alabama. With New Jersey's recent decision to abolish the death penalty and pending decisions from the Supreme Court weighing heavily on the practice in other states, capital punishment appears poised for big changes nationwide. Given the national mood, how do Alabama's elected leaders feel about the death penalty?

Nick Cenegy profiles a teenage girl from Lineville who is not old enough to have a driver's license but who races in local dirt track events. She'll be behind the wheel at the Talladega Short Track Saturday.

MPO is looking for comment on its long-range transportation plan, including the new access road for the depot. There's a public meeting Jan. 14. Matt Kasper has this story.