Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What's at steak?

The headmaster of Anniston's Faith Christian School took us to task this morning ... and rightly so. In Star stories, we've frequently put "academy" where we should put "school."
He writes:
As Headmaster of Faith Christian School I gave up about two years ago trying to get the Star writers to use our appropriate name: Faith Christian School. I have called and written letters and pleaded for someone to listen to us. For years the Star has referred to us as Faith Christian Academy. I can understand why they would assume the we are an Academy since Trinity is an Academy and Jacksonville Christian Academy is an Academy. However, Faith Christian School has been Faith Christian School for 29 years in this town and we have purchased much advertising from the Star and we get billed as Faith Christian School but the writers seem to always refer to us as Faith Christian Academy. I think most people know who we are especially the hundreds of students and parents we have had over the years; I guess they just know that the Star doesn’t know.
Well, if you can get it changed I will personally buy you a big steak dinner. You and I can enjoy eating our steak and talking about how you got this change made. However, if the Star were to ever refer to FCS as FCA or Faith Christian Academy again then I would expect you to buy me a steak dinner and we could talk about how some things never change.
Deal or no deal?
Ben Character, Ed. D.

Thanks to Dr. Character for setting us straight. Looks like we should be eating crow, not steak.