Thursday, January 10, 2008

Football season is officially over

Stick a fork in it. It's done. Over. Through.

And if we're talking honestly here, I'm not the least bit saddened.

Our Dandy Dozen team, our chance to name the 12 best players in our coverage area, appears in today's edition of The Star. We gave it an art deco look (or at least we think we did.) I really have no idea what you'd call it --- maybe just modern art.

The actual headline we first had for it was "Going for Baroque" (Get it Baroque? Broke?) But the more I thought about it, I didn't want some somebody leaving me a voice mail saying "My good sir, that artistic style pictured on your sports front is not baroque. And I can't seem to find the box score for last night's cricket match." Because they would have. And that would have turned into a 20-minute phone call about how we weren't really going for baroque in the graphic, we were just using the word in a headline ... and that we don't run cricket agate (the stuff on page 2C), and global warming will reverse itself before we do.

But I digress.

So, that's why we went with "DECO-RATED DOZEN".

And I say all that to say this ...

It's basketball time boys and girls. We've got a four-page spectacular (counting a full page ad) planned for the Calhoun County Tournament, which starts on Saturday. It's going to be played Saturday to Saturday (minus Sunday) and I'm sure -- just like every year -- it's going to be a whole lot of fun.

Nick Birdsong is a lover of the roundball, and he's chomping at the bit to watch a week full of it.