Friday, December 05, 2008

This weekend in The Star

Look for these stories this weekend in The Anniston Star:

On Saturday:

Got football on your mind these days? Lots of eyes will look toward Atlanta as Saturday dawns and Alabama readies to play for the SEC championship against Florida. In Saturday's paper, Laura Tutor has an interesting take on football and the South. A little preview: "To understand football is to take a tour of the South. Its stories, its history and quirks often are metaphorically tied to a funny-shaped ball and a bunch of guys hurling themselves from one end of a flat field to another while a crowd looks on but actually does nothing."

We'll have a follow up on extradition proceedings for capital murder suspect Jesse Scheuing, arrested in Iowa Thursday and wanted in the shooting death of Sean Cook in Oxford.

We'll have photos of Anniston's Go Green Christmas parade.

Local insurance agent Mitch Hurt pleads guilty to insurance fraud.

On Sunday look for full coverage of Saturday's big football game. Will Alabama be headed for a national championship matchup?

Also, city and county leaders plan to meet Monday to name all the members of the new McClellan Development Board.