Monday, December 01, 2008

Tuesday in The Star

You can find these stories in Tuesday's Anniston Star:

Jacksonville holds it annual lighting ceremony. Nick Cenegy will be there and will capture the scene. We'll also have a round-up of all the upcoming local Christmas parades, letting you know when and where they will be.

County and city officials need help from local lawmakers to make sure a new McClellan development board has staying power, but two Calhoun County legislators said they would not support a McClellan bill unless every county commissioner and Anniston city councilman agrees, something unlikely to happen. Megan Nichols has this story.

A suspect is in custody in the Friday stabbing death of a man in Oxford. Graham Milldrum will follow up on this story.

A high-speed pursuit through downtown and northwestern Anniston neighborhoods ends with the arrest of two home invasion suspects. Mike Faulk has this story.