Monday, December 08, 2008

Tuesday in The Star

You can find these stories in The Anniston Star on Tuesday:

Major players in McClellan development got together Monday to talk about how to move forward with growth at the former fort. Megan Nichols will have this story.

Tuesday's Anniston council meeting has a lot on its agenda. Councilmen are expected to discuss the possibility of resuming police patrols outside the city limits, City Manager George Monk's contract, make final appointments to the McClellan development board and consider moving public hearings to 5 p.m. We'll have wrap-up of the issues in advance of Tuesday's meeting.

The Anniston BOE holds a special called meeting Monday night. What did they discuss?

Sesar Perez-Mendez died because no one would call an ambulance until it was too late, according to people in the trailer park where police reported he was stabbed.Sources told The Star that Hispanic immigrants in the trailer park waited half an hour to call law enforcement to the scene, in Oxford Nov. 28 out of fear it could lead to the deportation of illegal immigrants in the community.The story brings to light political and cultural issues in that community and ones like it across the nation, experts said. Mike Faulk has this story.