Thursday, July 26, 2007

Coming Friday

I managed to stay awake after downing two brats at lunch. Long enough at least to check in with our reporters who are working on a slew of good stories:
  • Before the night is out we'll know if Midfield City Schools wants to hire Superintendent Sammy Lee Felton away from Anniston. As soon as we know the result of the vote by Midfield's board of education, we'll post it here, with more details coming in tomorrow's paper. Meanwhile, the Anniston BOE is meeting tonight, and Felton is expected to recommend an assistant principal for Anniston High School. Education beat writer Steve Ivey will be following both those stories tonight.
  • We checked in today with law enforcement experts in the area on Oxford Mayor Leon Smith's plan for a public safety director to oversee the police and fire departments in his city. The City of Huntsville recently added a similar position, and they told Oxford beat writer Todd South a bit about how and why they did it.
  • Then there's Heflin resident Annie B. Phillips, who walks everywhere she goes and makes sure any litter along her path is picked up. The City Council there recognized her this week for her lifelong efforts at beautifying the city as a model of good citizenship. Intern Christina Smith has a great profile of Mrs. Phillips, along with stellar images from staff photographer Steven Gross.
That's just a bit of the big local news offering we've got coming. Check it out online or pick up a paper tomorrow.