Friday, March 28, 2008

This weekend in The Star

Coming this weekend in The Star:

On Saturday:

The Joint Powers Authority at McClellan is working with the Calhoun County state legislative delegation to pass a bill that would recognize the JPA and affect its land sales. Megan Nichols has this story.

In the coming months, Heflin residents sill have the opportunity to shoot, skate and sling as the parks department plans to add an archery park, and skate park and a Frisbee golf course. Andy Johns will tell you all about the park.

Anniston firefighters visited with Children’s Rehabilitation Services in Anniston.

On Sunday:

Todd South profiles the workers who suit up to enter the chemicals weapons incinerator. There's a ton of regulations and a web of support staff monitoring a handful of workers who seal up in plastic suits to work on equipment that dissassembles and destroyts deadly chemical weapons.

Matt Kasper has a profile of a Piedmont-based gospel radio station. Its got a one-person staff.