Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wednesday in The Star

Check out Wednesday's Anniston Star for these stories:

The Anniston Board of Education held a work session to discuss potential budget cuts. Dan Whisenhunt will tell you what's on the table for the city schools as they deal with budget shortfall.

A California-based company may be moving its corporate headquarters to Anniston, if the Joint Powers Authority at McClellan agrees to sell it a building. The JPA marketing committee discussed a proposal from DirecTex to purchase a warehouse at its Tuesday morning meeting. Megan Nichols has this story.

Nick Cenegy writes about the Zerometh campaign. Some critics say it does a good job of scaring potential users but there's not a lot to steer addicts to assistance.

Markeshia Ricks looks at the package of bills focused on illegal immigration coming up this week in the state Legislature.
Todd South attended a talk in Oxford, sponsored by the Eagle Forum, on immigration. What was discussed?