Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thursday in The Star

Coming Thursday in The Star:

The Vagina Monologues are coming to Anniston. Want to know what the Monologues are all about? Read Shawn Ryan's story.

Once again, proponents and opponents of reforming Alabama’s 1901 Constitution made their pilgrimage to Montgomery to plead their cases. This year, like last, proponents of constitutional reform won the battle, but it remains to be seen if this year they can win the war. Members of the House Constitution and Elections Committee voted 9-4 to give a favorable report on a bill that calls for allowing a statewide vote on a constitutional convention. Markeshia Ricks has this story.

A national study finds that there are reasons the flu takes place in winter. What are they? Matt Kasper talks with some local folks about the study and what it means.

We've got full coverage of the CSEPP training today, including a story, video and photos.