Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday in The Star

Check out Thursday's Anniston Star for these stories:

A bill from Rep. Lea Fite in the State Legislature this session could ensure that every entity that receives state, county or municipal money and flies the U.S. flag, fly a flag that’s manufactured and purchased in the United States. Markeshia Ricks has this story.

Markeshia also has a story about another bill: The bill, that purports to bolster agriculture in Alabama is pitting farmer against farmer.Supporters say the Family Farm Preservation Act would protect them from city slickers who want their land for subdivisions, while opposing farmers say it will leave them with no recourse to fight confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).What they all agree on is the need to preserve farming in Alabama.

Calhoun County Coroner Pat Brown confirmed this morning that two bodies found Saturday in a burning Bancroft Avenue house were each shot multiple times and died before the fire.
Brown said the coroner's office was close to identifying one of the victims but was waiting for more information on the other.

Todd South meets with some local Girl Scouts as they celebrate the organization's 96th anniversary. What are local Scout troops doing to mark the occasion?