Saturday, February 16, 2008

Books on Founders and Fido

In connection with Presidents Day, the Bookshelf page is featuring a review of a book about the Founding Fathers, called American Creation. Among its interesting information is the author's revelation that the fathers of our great land didn't necessarily intend to start a revolution, at least not at the very beginning. At the First and Second Continental Congress, they were hoping to attain more local control from England, but not sever ties completely. But we all know how that ended up working out.
In other topics, local veterinarian Barry Nicholls reviews Merle's Door, about a dog's wonderful freedom in the mountains of Colorado. The owner's/author's dog door allows Merle to come and go and run free in the fresh air and to just all around be a dog. Dr. Nicholls has some opinions about how that can work out, though.
I review a book called The Heroines, an incredibly clever idea for a book. A woman runs a bed and breakfast that regularly has guests who are heroines of classic novels. There are some really fun, original spots in the book. However, it veers a bit too far from its great premise and loses a bit in translation. Still a good read, but not as great as I think it could have been.
Read more in tomorrow's Bookshelf.