Friday, February 29, 2008

This weekend in The Star

Check out this weekend's Star for these stories:

On Saturday:

Wadley's disputed interim police chief was arrested Thursday by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. Marc Green, a Wadley police officer whom the town’s mayor called the interim police chief until Monday, has been charged with first-degree theft and third-degree burglary in connection with a December break-in at Stephen’s Station on Alabama 22, according to Randolph County District Attorney Paul Jones. Green was appointed interim police chief in December, but the town council replaced him on Feb. 19. Andy Johns has this story.

The Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind is celebrating 150 years Friday. The Blind Boys of Alabama will be on hand, their first visit to Talladega in 60 years.

Cleburne County Industrial Authority folks are visiting a Montgomery race track this weekend. They will get to see for themselves what they could expect if George Howard Racing built a racing complex in Heflin.

On Sunday:

The start of a four-part series by John Fleming, Star editor at large, taking a look at local ownership of broadcast media, the FCC's attempts to encourage it, the market's habit of preventing it, and the vanishing practice of local broadcast news.

The Anniston Board of Education has established a committee to look at ways to save money. Any ideas? And where do school systems normally look to trim their budgets?

There's a burned-out home in Oxford that has at least one resident, a shaggy black dog. It won't leave the house, but no one knows who the owners are. One woman has taken pity on the dog and is leaving food, and shelter, for it.

How do you judge a dairy cow? Andy Johns will explain.

And on Monday:

The Alabama Math and Science Initiave is expanding to more local schools. How does it work?

Part II of John Fleming's look at the FCC and local broadcasting.