Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday in The Star

Coming Thursday in The Anniston Star:

The state of Alabama gave out millions in grant money to public schools and libraries this year, but two local legislators say political interests muddied the process. Additionally, a communication error might have caused some local school systems to apply for less money than they could have received. Some school systems in other counties got much more money than Calhoun County’s local K-12 schools when the state Education Department announced the millions in grants this month. Dan Whisenhunt has this story.

An Oxford school board member from Hobson City is calling for increased attention to the number of minority faculty. This comes soon after a federal judge chided Calhoun County Schools for backsliding on its percentage of minority teachers. How many minority teachers should local school systems have and why aren't they there? Dan examines this issue.

Megan Nichols spent a day with Calhoun County Animal Control. What is a day in their life like?

We'll check in to see how clean-up after Tuesday's storm went, including electricity service.