Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friday in The Star

Outsourcing services to save money is not unheard of at Jacksonville State University or other college campuses, but it’s something people on campus could hear more about soon. JSU has contracts for both its food service and its bookstores; both save the university money, university officials say. At January’s board of trustees meeting, whether the university should consider outsourcing its janitorial and maintenance services was discussed.

It's Leap Day. Andy Johns will tell you all about why we have Leap Years and will talk to folks about what it's like to be a "leaper" or someone born on Feb. 29.

A local representative has a bill in committee that would give qualifying Alabama veterans free college tuition. State Rep. Randy Wood, R-Anniston, has sponsored a bill to give qualifying Alabama residents who have served on active duty free tuition at any state college, university, technical college, community college or junior college.

Is quilting making a comeback? Todd South talks with some local quilters and a local store that offers quilting lessons about the craft's increasing popularity.