Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Coming Thursday in The Star

Check out Thursday's Anniston Star for these stories:

Valentine's Day: What do singles or people who just hate the holiday do on this one day of the year when pink hearts and flowers can't be avoided? Megan Nichols talks with some of these folks to find out their feelings about Valentine's Day.

The city of Anniston released the full PCB report. Megan Nichols explains what's in the report.

An investigation has exonerated Anniston City Manager George Monk of all accusations leveled against him by the Rev. Dr. Freddy Rimpsey. Megan also has this story.

A child nutrition program is the closest thing schools have to a business; the program makes part of its money from its customers, the students. For Anniston City Schools, it’s a business that’s losing money, according to Child Nutrition Coordinator Debbie Prince. Dan Whisenhunt has this story.