Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Coming Thursday on the editorial/op-ed pages

The Star's editorial board is examining the need to protect and preserve the huge collection of historical documents and period newspapers in the basement of the Calhoun County Courthouse:
This dusty collection of historical artifacts is one of our county’s most priceless items. Where else can you find the listings of the 1904 Alabama state tax for Confederate soldiers? Or newsprint copies of The Alabama Leader, The People’s Journal or The Union Advocate?
The Star also is looking at Alabama's efforts to build research and industry through our universities:
Thus far, more than 50 eminent scholar chairs have been endowed in such a plan in neighboring Georgia. These individuals and their research teams have brought in more than $1 billion in grants, launched some 25 companies and created around 1,500 jobs. In research infrastructure, Georgia has generated more than $600 million in private investments and more than $1 billion in grants to build and upgrade labs and facilities. The alliance also has helped launch some 125 new companies, with 3,000 high-paying jobs and around $600 million in investments.
Other states — Kentucky, for example — are jumping on the bandwagon.
And Alabama?
So far, our efforts have been as balkanized as our universities.
We'll also have our usual postings of letters to the editor and opinion columns.