Thursday, October 25, 2007

Open Mouth Insert Foot

Early this morning I attended the grand opening ceremony of the new Lowes at McClellan. Anniston Mayor Chip Howell, city and county representatives and others showed up for the event. After the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon, which was actually the Mayor sawing a 2x4 in half, we all entered the store to get warmed up and have a look around. Mayor Howell and I were strolling down an aisle talking about how nice it is to have the store here. We were just making small talk.

And then I said "Now, I'm gonna have to figure out which is more convenient for me from my home on Highland, this store or pop over the mountain to the store in...." I stopped mid-sentence. I dared not speak the word. I sheepishly glanced over to the Mayor. He had a big grin on his face as he said, while pointing his finger emphatically at the ground, "This store Kevin, this store."

Note to self: Don't make small talk to VIP's early in the morning before having the first cup of joe to get the brain started.