Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Grow a beard, be a reporter for The Star

You never know what you'll happen across when you walk through The Star's newsroom.

I did Wednesday, and I happened upon a conversation in the Features department about beards. Seems Brett Buckner, our features writer, has been assigned a story on facial hair -- how to grow it, trim it, make it look good. (Especially if you're a man.)

Quickly, a conversation from a bunch of Star employees -- some bearded, others clean-shaven -- kicked up. Which styles are better? How long does it take to grow yours? Who can grow a muttonchop? Or would want to?

It was a lot more fun than the same ol' boring journalism stuff.

Oh, and I found out the growth that's been on my face for a decade isn't a goatee. It's a circle beard, whatever that is.

That just doesn't sound as sexy. I'm still gonna call it a goatee.