Monday, October 22, 2007

Coming Tuesday in The Star

Coming Tuesday in The Anniston Star:

Two stories on the allegations of Oxford fielding an ineligible football player. Todd South talks with residents - what effect has the possibility of a reversal from a 8-0 record to a 1-7 one had in town? And sports writer Nick Birdsong follows up the on the sports side.

Markeshia Ricks writes about the upcoming execution of Daniel Lee Siebert. Gov. Bob Riley anounced the state will proceed as scheduled Thursday with the execution. Siebert was convicted in the killings of at least five people in a murder spree that may have included as many as 10 victims across the country. He was sentenced to death for killing a Talladega woman and her two sons.

Matt Kasper writes about the planned 2008 Jacksonville High School addition.

Andy Johns writes about Calhoun County's stiffening water restrictions as the drought continues.

And meeting coverage from Hobson City, Lincoln, Jacksonville and Piedmont councils.