Saturday, November 17, 2007

ARCH conducting community survey

UPDATE: To do the survey online, go to this Web site and user the login code headling.

Alberta McCrory of the ARCH Initiative -Anniston Community Healing and Reconciliation Project writes to seek "the active involvement of community members to carry out its objective to address the underlying issues which have rendered Anniston frozen in time, unable to realize positive and forward -moving growth to ensure an achievable and sustainable future for area youth. Community members will work with consultants from the Cincinnati, Ohio-based ARIA Group that supports people and organizations and communities as they engage painful problems of the past and envision new possibilities for the future."
She continues, "Questionnaires/surveys have been mailed to elected officials, pastors and clergy and community members. Questionnaires are available at some area schools and churches,Gadsden State Community College Anniston and McClellan, the Anniston and Carver Library, Anne's flower Garden and J's Wings."

The deadline is Nov. 20.
For more information, e-mail Alberta McCrory, executive director of the ARCH Initiative, at: