Friday, November 30, 2007

Coming this weekend in The Star

On Saturday:

Find out which game was voted the top SEC matchup in the past 75 years by Star readers.

Governor Bob Riley's announcing an initiative to give small businesses a tax break for providing health insurance to employees. Markeshia Ricks writes about the proposal and what it could mean for small business owners and employees.

Todd South looks at whether or not the decision by the Marine Corps to reduce orders for mine-resistant armored personnel carriers will affect production of MRAPs in Anniston and Oxford.

On Sunday:

There's no easy way to tell a father how $40 morphs into thousands of dollars in hospital bills for his baby. Or explain that making $40 too much one month means his family, with two parents working, will chip away at that hospital debt for years to come...Laura Tutor takes a look at the SCHIP program. More American families are closer to that line than their neighbors realize, say insurance industry experts and advocates for State Children’s Health Insurance Programs.

Steve Ivey explores the desegregation orders that mean more than 200 school systems around the country are still under federal scrutiny. Why are schools still under these orders?

Steve also will cover the opening of the Chief Ladiga Trail through Cleburne County and Light Up Anniston events downtown.

On Monday:

Dodgeball. Coming to Calhoun County. Need we say more?

Also: Some new residents at McClellan want roads closed to thru traffic, saying people are speeding through their neighborhoods.