Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Coming Thursday in The Star

Thursday's Anniston Star will feature these stories:

It must be the holiday season because the Nutcracker has arrived. Bill Edwards spent some time with third graders at 10th Street Elementary as they were introduced to the ballet.

Another rite of passage of childhood: Chicken pox. Markeshia Ricks has this story about the vaccine. The state Health Department says the vaccine, now mandatory, isn't working well enough and needs a follow up shot to properly prevent the virus.

The Anniston Army Depot rasied more than $500,000 in their combined federal campaign this year. That's a lot of money, going to help out charities. Todd South reports on this story.

Todd South also writes about attempts in Jacksonville to collect canned food and try and set a world record.

Dan Whisenhunt has more "canned food news," with a guide to giving to local charities, many of who tell us their cupboards are pretty bare.

Medicare's open enrollment will soon be upon us. Matt Kasper looks at this - This will be the time for people on Medicare to enroll in a drug plan, review their health care and drug coverage and make changes.