Friday, November 02, 2007

Coming this weekend in The Star

Stories you can find in the Saturday and Sunday editions of The Star:

This Saturday:
Reports are that the shelves are really bare at the Center for Concern. Why? How are the other area charities doing? Dan Whisenhunt covers this story.

Matt Kasper has an update on the search for more water sources in Jacksonville. How close is the city to making a decision? How is the search progressing?

Steve Ivey highlights the Anniston City Schools Foundation's involvement in a program to train elementary-age kids to use computers.


Nick Cenegy profiles the Calhoun County Juvenile Drug Court.

Water water...Markeshia Ricks presents a primer on the "water wars" between Georgia, Florida and Alabama. How did this debate become drinking water v. mussels and sturgeons and does Karl Rove have anything to do with it?

Got bad neighbors? Andy Johns looks at a Web site which allows people to post warnings to potential home buyers about bad neighbors. Andy will also talk with sociologists about this - why do people use anonymous web posts instead of talking to neighbors?

And on Monday:
Andy explores the potential of alligators in our neck of the woods. A man in Lineville says he hooked an 8-footer on a turtle line. The drought has made the lakes shrink which means humans and the few, normally unseen, gators could come in contact more.