Thursday, November 01, 2007

Friday's Star

Coming Friday in The Star:

The state has set an execution date for James Harvey Callahan, convicted in the 982 murder of a Jacksonville woman. His execution and that of another death-row inmate come despite federal court rulings here and elsewhere to stay executions while the Supreme Court considers a challenge to lethal injection. Matt Kasper looks at this story.

Todd South covers a rally for Oxford's football team. Supporters were set to gather at the stadium Thursday night to cheer the team on its way to play Mortimer Jordan, just days after an AHSAA ruling turned their 9-0 season into a 2-7 one with no playoff chance.

Markeshia Ricks covers the state report on domestic violence - there was a spike in cases in Calhoun County that resulted in death, five in 2006.

Andy Johns has a reminder about the upcoming time change. Will you remember to "fall back" on Sunday morning at 2 a.m.