Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Coming in Sunday's Insight

UPDATE: The Bobcast conversation about our wild river trip is up.

I write an essay in Sunday's Insight section. The story details the events of a river trip.
Twenty-five years ago this month, a group of high school seniors and two adults commenced a rafting trip down the Sipsey River in west Alabama. Before it was over, some members of the party would abandon the effort, seeking warmth and comfort in the arms of their sweethearts. The rest would struggle on without food and adequate shelter. Heck, my sleeping bag caught on fire.Reflecting on that wild trip a quarter century later, there are few redeeming lessons. But there are lots of amusing stories

There's more, a lot more. The Weekend Bobcast is a discussion about the trip with one of my fellow paddlers, Chad Bailey. He's exectuive producer and host of the outdoors TV program Makin' Tracks.