Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Change your perspective

Cows might get excited at the site of kudzu, but for the rest of us, not so much. So when Bill Edwards, editor of the Coffee Break, asked for a file shot of kudzu to illustrate a story for Tuesday's edition we weren't optimistic that we would find an interesting shot. As it turns out, Chief Photographer Trent Penny had taken a picture of a field of kudzu. The low worms-eye perspective that Trent used made the picture interesting (it's just kudzu, after all).

You can use the same idea when taking pics of the kids opening presents. Use an unusual angle. Low, high, up close, it could mean the difference between a ho-hum snap shot and a cherished picture of Christmas '07. I just thought of an angle I'm gonna try. With the camera stuck under the tree with the presents, snap a shot of the kids as they dive for the first present they wish to open.

Film is cheap, pixels are free, shoot lots of pictures