Monday, December 10, 2007

Coming Tuesday on the editorial page

The Star's editorial board is examining the on-going fight between Alabama, Georgia and Florida over the sharing of the region's water suppy and why our state doesn't have a good usage plan:
We could, and should, chide administrations present and past for neglecting to push for a comprehensive water-usage plan, but the fact remains that Alabama does not have one. Until one is developed we will be at a disadvantage when we negotiate with our sister states.
All is not lost, however.
We're also wondering if the Retirement System of Alabama's good fortune in raising money for state workers will continue:
However, as any economist will tell you, one good year is not a trend. And with an unsteady housing market, a credit crunch, a nervous Wall Street and serious talk of a recession, those in charge of these funds will have their hands full trying to match or exceed what they accomplished this year.
Finally, on Tuesday we're talking socks, both in Alabama and internationally:
It certainly is more complicated, but as internationalism replaces nationalism in the world of commerce, as corporate interests transcend the borders of the countries where their companies are located, managers and employees from the boardrooms to the mills are going to have to think and rethink their situation.