Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Coming Thursday on the editorial/op-ed pages

The Star's editorial board is tackling the issue of the destroyed CIA interrogation tapes and what that means for the U.S.'s reputation:
It’s one more black eye, one more example of how the nation has strayed from its bedrock values under Dick Cheney’s and George W. Bush’s guidance. As difficult as it is to reconcile, the United States has become a torturer nation. Despite all the denials and word games, the United States has joined the ranks of countries we once looked down upon, spots in Latin America, North Africa and Eastern Europe where suspects were “disappeared,” tortured and otherwise denied due process.
We're also considering the upcoming water-war meeting between the governors of Alabama, Florida and Georgia -- and if the meeting will accomplish anything:
It comes down to this: Unless a court or Congress or president is able to impose or broker a deal, the path of water-war litigation that goes far into our past promises to stretch into our future. As long as the states involved look to a court, Congress or president for a solution, they will not work out a deal themselves.
We'll also have an op-ed column written by Paul Hubbert of the Alabama Education Association and our usual fare of letters and syndicated columnists.