Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thursday in The Star

You can find these stories in Thursday's Anniston Star:

Todd South writes about the celebration honoring the Virgen de Guadalupe. This is one of the most important Catholic holidays for Mexicans, honoring the country's patron saint. How do immigrants keep these traditions alive?

We will have a follow up to the murder of a Piedmont woman. Police have charged her 17-year-old daughter.

Dan Whisenhunt looks at the JPA's status. The Anniston City Council tabled a resolution Tuesday night that aimed to dissolve the JPA and there is also the promise of a state law to settle the questions about the board's status. What are the chances for changes in the board's makeup and how might it affect development at McClellan?

Andy Johns has a timely story about a Saks couple that every year fix their yard and outside to celebrate the Christmas season in festive style. Droves of children visit the display every year.

Steve Ivey looks at Birmingham's plans to launch a Next Start-style scholarship program. Will Anniston take the necessary steps to revive its plan?