Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Coming Thursday on the editorial/op-ed pages

The Star's editorial board is taking a look at New Jersey's decision to stop executions in that state -- and what that means for states like Alabama that still use the death penalty:
We’ll let the Texas editorial pages get to the heart of the problem there. As for punishment in Alabama, it is not dished out fairly, especially when it comes to the death penalty.
The quicker we come to that realization — and admit that this is as much a political issue as it is an issue of justice — the better off all of us will be.
We're also commenting on the Joint Powers Authority's hiring of Angelou Economics to lead the search for McClellan's CEO:
It’s no secret that it’s been a frustrating year on the McClellan CEO front. Dan Cleckler resigned as executive director in January, and months were wasted due to what appeared to be miscommunication between the JPA and the Angelou firm. Like many others, this page wishes the CEO search was further along than it is.