Monday, December 03, 2007

Coming Tuesday on the editorial page

The Star's editorial board is taking a look on Tuesday at the rising rate of bankruptcies in Alabama -- the nation's No. 3 state for filings:
Although the tougher bankruptcy law was passed to help credit-card companies recover debts owed to them, the companies continued to offer deals and options to entice more customers. As a result, many who should not have been issued cards got them, used them and now cannot pay what they owe. Consumer debt is higher than ever. In many cases, the credit-card industry has no one to blame but itself.
Here's also a peak at a Star editorial on evangelical Christians and their role in politics:
The result (of the popularity of famous and influential televangelists) was the rise of the Moral Majority and other similar organizations that told the faithful that through concerted political action religious goals could be reached. The primary beneficiary was the Republican Party.