Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coming for Friday's opinions pages

The editorial board weighs in on Alabama's ability to attract jobs:
Of all the imprints the Riley administration is likely to leave when the governor goes out of office, right up there with a scandal-free eight years(assuming he makes it through the next two) will be the success of Bob Riley as an industrial recruiter.

Phillip Tutor writes in his column:
What I imagine – and it’s wildly farfetched, but hang with me – is having our own multi-county alliance in northeast Alabama. An alliance that would bring the influential from, say, Calhoun, Etowah, Talladega and Cleburne counties together, all charged with recruiting billion-dollar industries and high-paying jobs – some assembly line, some research-based – to our neck of Alabama’s woods.

Syndicated columnist James Evans writes:
Of course, I wouldn’t mind a theocracy, which literally means "rule by God," if God was in fact the one who ruled. But what usually happens in theocratic states is someone who claims to speak for God ends up running things, and normally not too well.